Axemen 14
Fight 14
Slayers 12
Warriors 10
Rebellion 6
Thirteens 4
Titans 2
Oneida 2

Message from USARL Chairman Peter Illfield

“Since the formation of the USARL in January 2011, an overwhelming and encouraging number of people have come forward and contacted the USARL with an interest in developing RL in their region. Some directly, some via friends of the USARL and others via the broader community of the RLIF (Rugby League International Federation).

The USARL embrace these people who will become the corner-stone of the development of Rugby League across the nation. These people have had an interest to form clubs to play RL in their region, in some cases for several
years and some only recently. They exist for various reasons. Some are expats from Aus, UK, Europe, NZ or Pacific Islands with a genuine need to keep their passion for RL alive. Others are Americans introduced to RL via high profile RL activities, television, a general communication from others that have played or been involved with the game in the USA or via their connection with Union.

All these new contacts for the USARL have shown a genuine interest to work with us in expanding Rugby League further than the existing competition played on the east coast. They wish to gain information about how to progress and develop. How to unite with those of similar interest, to start playing or gathering enough personnel around them to support a structure and
play. Some are close to forming clubs to be members of the USARL and have teams to play invitational matches up and down the west coast and mid-west.

The game deserves expansion opportunities throughout the country.

Having reference to these contacts and teams on our website allows for networking, sharing of ideas and researching RL activities in the USA with which they want to be involved.

The goal & outcome of development is to increase knowledge, skills & participation in the community, schools and colleges to achieve competing at a competitive national level.”