Axemen 10
Fight 8
Thirteens 8
Slayers 4
Rebellion 4
Oneida 4
Warriors 2
Blues 0

USARL Announce Board of Directors, 2011 Schedule, Website

On January 29, 2011 the first official meeting of the USARL was held in Philadelphia (The Birthplace of US Independence) and the selection and ratification of the first Board of Directors (BOD) was confirmed. The newly formed board wasted no time in electing officers and highlighting areas for improved club operations and ideas for the progression of Rugby League in the United States of America.

January 11, 2011 (NEW YORK, NEW YORK) – Nine prominent Rugby League clubs announced the formation of a new national competition today, the USA Rugby League (, which will hold its inaugural season in the summer of 2011.

The USARL is pleased to announce the following USARL Board of Directors:

  • Peter Illfield- Chairman
  • Richard Nolte- Chief Financial Officer
  • Ryan McGough- Chief Executive Officer/ Philadelphia Fight
  • Spinner Howland- Jacksonville Axemen
  • Adam Hamon- New Haven Warriors
  • Mikhael Shammas- Boston 13’s
  • Richard Luthmann- Rhode Island Rebellion
  • Asa Jearld- Washington DC Slayers
  • Justin Wieland- Oneida RLFC
  • Paul Silverman- NJ Titans

Consultants to the BOD:
Steve Williams-All Web Café-Website Director
Drew Slover-Slover Consulting
David Weyburn – Haka Sports
Tony Feasey – Haka Sports
Tawera Nikau – Haka Sports

2011 Schedule Announced: each team to play 8 games

  • Start of season-May 28,29-USARL 9’s Hosted by the Philadelphia Fight in Conshohocken, PA
  • Start of regular season championship-June 4
  • Bye week-July 2nd
  • USARL Semi final playoffs- August 13
  • The inaugural USARL National Championship Game-August 27

The official USARL Website to be launched in mid March 2011.

“The USA Rugby League (USARL) is the source for high-level, semi-professional Rugby League competition in the USA. The USARL is committed to developing the sport of Rugby League at a grassroots level with a focus on expanding the sport both in player numbers and in youth initiatives. This commitment embraces the sport at semi-professional and amateur levels in an effort to further progress Rugby League in the USA. The USARL will hold its inaugural season in the summer of 2011.”

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