Axemen 10
Fight 8
Thirteens 8
Slayers 4
Rebellion 4
Oneida 4
Warriors 2
Blues 0

New Haven Falls in Round 2

The New Haven Warriors lost their second round match on Saturday afternoon after facing a much improved Boston Thirteens squad. The Warriors fell to 1-1, while Boston improved to 2-0 on the season.

Boston was able to take advantage of some defensive miscues by the Warriors and built up a lead early in the first forty. New Haven was able to respond at first, but couldn’t manage to apply consistent pressure.

In spite of the loss, highlights for New Haven included solid play from new players — including a pair of tries from rookie forward Josh Patterson — as well as improved communication between players working outside of their usual positions. For a side in the midst of rebuilding, extra reps for less experienced players may pay dividends later in the season, when team depth can help offset injury losses.

The Warriors now turn their attention toward preparing for a visit from the Rhode Island Rebellion next Saturday (6/16). Stay tuned for confirmation on location and match start time.