Axemen 10
Fight 8
Thirteens 8
Slayers 4
Rebellion 4
Oneida 4
Warriors 2
Blues 0

Warriors Win in Round 1

A new era or Rugby League began in Baltimore this past weekend as the Blues took to the field for the first time backed by a small a parochial crowd.

The Warriors, also fielding a new-look team, wasted no time sending a message that they are still a force by scoring quickly and often. Their experience was the difference as they controlled the match from beginning to end, despite a number of efforts from a tiring Blues team.

While the Blues were held scoreless, all is not lost, as it was evident a number of their players displayed some real athletic talent coming close to try line on a number of occasions. With the first game out the way, the Baltimore Blues should quickly realize what’s required to become a competitive outfit, and will benefit next time they take the field.

New Haven now looks forward to hosting the Boston 13s, themselves coming off of a round one win against Oneida.

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Final score: Warriors 48 defeated Blues 0